The fast, simple and flexible way of integrating aircraft flight data.

EPIC is a completely self developed flight data platform that automatically decrypt, analyse, access and visualise data. The platform can be used in a variety of ways from the standardised analytical output to an efficient data processor that integrates multiple data sources onto a shared platform. The key functionality of EPIC is its structure with decoupled functionality and storage making the platform flexible, scalable and yet maintaining a high level of standardisation for efficiency.

The main data source of EPIC is the flight data. The platform can efficiently decrypt any type of aircraft and seamlessly analyse its output. Enplore’s vast experience working with the flight data constitutes the basis for our analytical approach and we know that our customers benefit greatly from making use of the flight data, especially when combining it with other data sources.

EPIC Operational Process

The standard EPIC set-up includes a web platform where the analytical output is presented. This is where the end-user easily can detect trends and deviations. The visualisations are connected directly to the database for automatic updating. The visual interface is the starting point of our process and gives you an instantaneous overview of how your fleet is performing on an overall basis.

The next step is to detect the deviations and outliers to see what has happened that is out of the normal. Just as with the overall trends and patterns these are easily detected within our visual interface and you will have instantaneous update for any occurrence as soon as the data has been loaded onto the platform.

For further investigation of specific data our customers will have direct access to the full flight information to conduct in-depth analysis on specific flights. This is a powerful method to investigate what has actually occurred during a specific events.

EPIC Integrated Process

Another way of using the EPIC platform is to set up a data export onto your own business intelligence system. By exporting the analytical output and collecting it in a pre-defined format, any business intelligence system can access the information.

EPIC use of data

Decision Makers

  • Grouped data reports
  • Fleet statistics
  • Trends / Patterns

Business Division Managers

  • Follow-up and evaluations
  • Specific time periods
  • Alerts

Operational Professionals

  • Monitoring
  • Specific flight info
  • Indicators