ENPLORE – Making the world better by creating insight through exploring within, making specific and qualified data easily accessible and making use of the information companies and industries already own.

Enplore values – Passion – Simplicity – Authenticity

Enplore is a company that focuses on making things simpler and staying authentic while passionately exploring new solutions to old problems.


At Enplore we are focused on developing products and services for making data easy and efficient to use within the every day business life of our customers.

We offer solutions and services within data decryption, analysis, statistical modelling and visualisation. Focusing on qualified data within engineering industries.

The EPIC platform is a versatile data platform that allows Enplore to implement a standardised way of working with operational data throughout the organisation. We offer this platform along with our customised product development to airlines and also as an integrated solution together with other software vendors in the market.

Our product development team utilises the knowledge from working with large data sets in a standardised approach to make sure that we develop an innovative, easy-to-use and stable solution that combines maximum output with minimum effort. We offer customised development within the areas of data decryption, analysis, access and visualisation.